About Kitchen Scratch

Hi!  I’m Hannah.   I’m a mom of three and therefore mostly a trying to get everything done as fast as possible kind of cook, but I love to get in to a project when the stars align in my house.  My hobby is cookbooks. I discover things on a deep cookbook dive that I would never think to search for online.  My cookbooks are kindred spirits in my kitchen, and like me are a little sticky from spilled maple syrup and probably have flour on the front of their pants.

The more I cook, the more I can see the importance of finding good cookbook matches. One cookbook can be great for experienced cooks but a disaster for newbies, a wonderful challenge for those who love weekend projects, or just way too complicated for already busy cooks.  There are differences not only in difficulty level, but time investment, ability to do the recipes with kids, ease of collecting ingredients, and on and on.  Sometimes the recipes can be secondary to the stories, pictures or illustrations.  Cookbooks can be aspirational or textbook style or regional or historical. There’s a cookbook for every occasion and for every person with access to a kitchen and a desire to learn.   I think they make the best gifts. Get in touch if you have a book you think I should delve into, I’ll be sure to add it to my list!

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