About Kitchen Scratch

Welcome to Kitchen Scratch!  There are a few central beliefs of this site:

  1. Cooking is fun!  And, you have the most fun when you choose the time and effort you want to put in.  If you want quick meals that are easy to make in advance, I’m with you!  I love that, too!  If you want a weekend project, something that you can learn to do and be proud of the result, I get that, too.  I want to help you find the cookbook that suits you.
  2. Taking the time to read and digest a cookbook can be a kind of meditation.  You can really delve deep into the author’s experience and food culture with a cookbook.  You can make things you would never have thought to search for online.  One of my favorite things in the world is when I start to trust a recipe writer, and I go back through a book again and realize, now with this new trust, that I can open up to making things that are less familiar to me.  Learning and growing follows.
  3. Even a great cookbook has some recipes that are better than others.  Sharing this knowledge can be a great tool for getting the most out of our effort.
  4. Sometimes, you need help to navigate new recipes.  How do you roll out a tart dough?  Can you freeze something if it’s too much for you?  How do you defrost it?  And on and on.

There’s a cookbook for every occasion and for every person with access to a kitchen and a desire to learn.   I think they make the best gifts. Get in touch if you have a book you think I should delve into, I’ll be sure to add it to my list!

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