Simply Julia by Julia Turshen

I’ll start by letting the author’s introduction speak for itself: “Delicious food does not have to be complicated. Cooking, when it’s at its best, is a way to take care of each other, not compete with each other…sometimes I just don’t feel like peeling an onion. I will almost always choose a nonstick skillet over a stainless steel one because it’s just so easy to clean.” Peppered throughout this book are tips on how to make things ahead, stories from Ms. Turshen’s volunteer work at Angel Food East, and substitution suggestions for slightly harder to find ingredients. This book feels good-hearted, like someone telling you that you got this and there won’t be too many dirty dishes, girl, don’t you worry.

Truth be told, nothing was the most delicious dish I’ve ever made. That said, it was all good, healthy, and easy. A few things will go on rotation for me – Llubav’s Green Spaghetti (p. 3), Stewed Chickpeas with Peppers and Zucchini (p.66), and White Bean and Pimenton Dip (p.186). All three are tasty, all three include some good whole foods, and all three could not possibly be easier. I recommend this book for anyone. It’s easy and we’re all busy, and it’s also very easy to use for people with lots of different dietary requirements. For us, with my youngest’s crazy allergies, that means no nuts, eggs, or sesame seeds. Tall order, but the Green Spaghetti is a great replacement for pesto, and the kids loved it.

Llubav’s Green Spaghetti (p. 3) Kids loved it, takes 5 minutes. Solid 10.

Ricotta and Potato Chip Fish Cakes with Peas (p. 17) I really liked these, particularly the method of cooking the peas in cream. My husband doesn’t like fish as much, so through no fault of its own, 8.

Ratatouille and Ricotta Baked Pasta (p. 28) Good, but I’m not a baked pasta person-I just don’t like crispy edges to pasta. 7.

More-Vegetable-than-Rice-Fried-Rice (p. 58) This was good, and doesn’t use eggs. 9.

Stewed Chickpeas with Peppers + Zucchini (p. 66) Delish, added harissa for a little heat. 10.

Sticky Chicken (p. 82) Delicious sauce. 8.

White Bean + Pimenton Dip (p. 186) Easy as can be, quick. Made a half recipe, it’s a lot but that’s good. Basically all pantry ingredients. 10.

Blueberry Crumble (p. 212) All blueberry crumble recipes are easy, but this one goes further, using only one bowl for both the topping and the filling. I’ll actually probably use this from now on instead of those others – two bowls? I don’t think so. Also, of course delicious-like all blueberry crumble worth its sugar. 10.

Standout Star Recipe: Probably the blueberry crumble. Or the White bean dip. Or the Stewed Chickpeas with Peppers and Zucchini. This book is not exactly gourmet, but it’s good for a super easy, minimal dishes kinda moment.  

Find Simply Julia, published in the U.S. by Harper Wave, wherever you buy books, order it from Amazon, or support independent booksellers and order it from Bookshop!

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