Sally’s Cookie Addiction by Sally McKinney

I love this book! To me, Sally McKinney is like Ina Garten but purely for baking – her recipes just work. Everything will turn out delicious, no misses, no exceptions. This will sound bad to some people, but the thing with this book is that it has the palette of a five year old. In other words, everything is absolutely delicious and uncomplicated by adult tastes. Do you need this cookbook? Yes. Are homemade cookies better? Yes, yes they are.

However, if you want cookies but not the book, check out her blog,

And if you prefer video content, you can also find her on YouTube:

Giant M & M’s Cookies (p. 31): Could anything be more fun? 10

Banana Almond Berry Breakfast Cookies (p. 52): Healthy cookies, more of a personality thing. 8

Raspberry Almond Linzer Cookies (p. 65): Yes. 10

Easy Cinnamon Snowballs (p. 82): A thousand times, yes. 10

Rainbow Kiss Cookies (p. 118): So incredibly chocolatey. And rainbow-ey. 10

Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies (p. 164): 10. See Lucy for further explanation.

This book will keep getting used in my house, and there are so many more recipes I want to try! Highest on that list: Toasted S’more Cookie Cups (p. 190).

Would make again: Everything, except the Banana Almond Berry Breakfast Cookies. Too healthy to be a cookie, too cookie to be a healthy breakfast. I think they’d be perfect for some people, just not for me.

Standout Star Recipe: Tough one, but I think it’s the Easy Cinnamon Snowballs (p. 82). These are so tender and delicious. Good for kids, good for tea, good for everybody.  Also good for holidays and gifting.

Find Sally’s Cookie Addiction, published in the U.S. by Race Point Publishing, wherever you buy books, order it from Amazon, or support independent booksellers and order it from Bookshop!

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